Ain’t cute,
Always tasty.

Sea Salt Bagel

THere's a new bagel on the block

Embrace the Ugly

Nobody's perfect, so we set out to create a bagel equally as unperfect, but crazy delicious. Introducing Ugly Bagel, coming in hot to spread joy one quirky bagel at a time. We're here to embrace the art of imperfection and celebrate individuality, with a goal to inject a sprinkle of laughter into your everyday morning routine. Baked fresh, daily, we use the most optimal ingredients to provide tasty eats that never look the same, but always taste delightful.

Ugly Bagel Everything Bagel

The starting line-up

Featured flavors

Pretzel Bagel


Bacon Cheddar Bagel

Bacon Cheddar

Firecracker Cream Cheese

Cherry swirl

Key Lime Pie Cream Cheese

Jalapeno lime

More Ugly Please!

Here’s How It Works

Step 1

Choose your bagel flavor

This is a crucial step in the process. You going savory or sweet? Wild or tame? The bagel is the foundation of ugliness.

Step 2

Choose your Spread

Between our creative cream cheese spreads and artisan butters, you can really make this cuisine experience everything you want it to be.

Step 3

Customize the size

Light, standard or loaded? Everyone likes their spreads different, let us know how much of the good stuff you want.

Under Construction

Coming FALL 2024!

SIgn Up

Get ready to indulge your tastebuds as downtown's newest culinary gem is set to spread joy in Music City.
Introducing Ugly Bagel, your go to destination for bagels, cream cheese and smiles!

Opening this fall in The Arcade, one of Nashville's most watched developments.