Our Story

We’re here to celebrate the unconventional, the misshapen and the extraordinary.


Introducing Ugly

Our hand-rolled bagels are made to perfection with a slow ferment process using minimal ingredients. Our twelve continuous flavors will keep you coming back for more, while our monthly specialty flavors add a layer of excitement to the menu. In addition to bagels we complement them with rotational cream cheese and butters.

Meet Uggy

He’s got good taste

In a bustling bakery in the heart of Tennessee, a bagel was born and baked, boasting imperfections unlike the others. Enter Uggy. Unlike typical bagels, Uggy celebrates individuality, finding beauty (and taste) in differences. Uggy's hobbies include rolling around the bakery, spreading cheer, charm, and cream cheese, making his "rounds" to the customers and long walks on the beach. Uggy is much more than just a pretty face though, he's got heart, soul and sesame seeds in places they shouldn't be.


Coming 2024!